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Why That Minor Leak in Your Roof Isn’t As Minor As You Think

Why That Minor Leak in Your Roof Isn’t As Minor As You Think

April 21, 2020

There are several reasons why you might have a leak in your roof. Roof shingles can frequently become cracked or curl up because of their age. This can allow moisture to seep underneath the shingles. You may also incur damage to your roof because of a storm or inclement weather. This is why you should always look your roof over after there has been some strong winds in your area. While you might think a minor leak is ok to leave alone until you get around to it, there are several reasons why this isn’t a minor situation at all.

Water Damage Spreads Fast

The weather outside might just include a slow falling drizzle, but there’s still plenty of moisture that can get under your shingles. Once that water makes its way to the structure of your home, a slow drip can quickly seep into the wood structure of your home. This will spread quickly and cause a lot of damage. You can also have damage to other areas of your roof like the flashing or around the gutters. These issues can even allow high humidity levels outside to cause problems to your home.

Health Hazards

Moisture accumulating on the structure of your home can quickly lead to mold growth. Mold can grow and spread within 24 hours of moisture exposure. When you inhale mold, you can end up with an increase in allergy symptoms, an increase in illness and upper respiratory issues. If you are someone that deals with asthma, you can have some bad breathing concerns because of mold exposure. Unfortunately, being chronically exposed to mold without knowing can cause permanent damage to your lungs. Even the kind of water on the walls can be a health hazard. Mildew, moisture and mold are very harmful.

From Minor Repairs to a Complete Replacement

There are plenty of minor issues that can occur to your roof. These issues can quickly be repaired if you notice them right away. When you have a minor leak that you’re neglecting, you can go from a minor repair to needing a completely new roof. Many contractors will require full access to your roof in order to repair all of the damage that has occurred from the leak. What might have cost you a couple of hundred dollars is now a job that costs thousands of dollars. Not to mention the amount of time that this will all take. You’re going to need some major construction done to your home to facilitate the repair.

It’s always a good idea to have a reputable professional in your area take over the repair work that is needed from a roof leak. You don’t want to be climbing up on your roof yourself. This would be a safety concern. However, you can assess the structural integrity of your roof from the ground. If you notice any signs that there is something wrong, have a professional come out right away.

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