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When Do You Need to Repair Your Roof

When Do You Need to Repair Your Roof

June 10, 2022

How often do you think about your roof? Unless you are a psychopath, then the answer to that question ought to be not very often. But your roof is an incredibly important piece of your home’s architecture. Your roof is the first line of defense for your home against the elements, particularly against rain, snow, and falling tree branches. Keeping your roof in good shape is necessary to keep your home safe. Sometimes this means having some repairs done. Here are three times when it is critical that you repair your roof.

At the End of Its Life

The first time when you need to repair your roof is when it’s at the end of its life. Your roof can only last so many years before it has simply run its course and needs replacement. Depending on what material your roof is made out of you will have a different life span. Asphalt shingle roofs tend to last only around twenty years before needing replacement, while some metal roofing materials and other options can last as long as fifty years or more without wearing out. Understand what material your roof is and what material is most sensible to replace it with.

Before Selling Your Home

Another great time when you need to repair your roof is before selling your home. If your roof is in perfect condition, then congratulations, you won’t have to deal with this step. However, if there is even minor or cosmetic damage to your roof you should repair it before selling. This will help your home pass inspections easily and can increase the perceived value of your home by tens of thousands of dollars. You should expect to spend money on repairs to get a better price for your home. Your roof is no exception.

When There is a Leak

The final time when you absolutely need to repair your roof is when there is a leak. Anytime that there is a leak in your roof you need to repair it right away. Leaks can quickly cause serious water damage to your home. But beyond that, leaks also present an entryway for animals and pests to make your attic their new home. Repair your roof as soon as you notice a leak to keep things in check.

Your roof is more than just a piece of your home, it is the protective shield of your home. In order to keep your home safe, you need to keep your roof in the right condition. Make sure that you are repairing your roof when these situations come up.

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