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The Challenges of DIY Roofing: Why You Need Expert Help

The Challenges of DIY Roofing: Why You Need Expert Help

December 17, 2020

Homeowners who want to work on their roof to save money often have experience with projects of this type and believe that they can handle their needs. In some circumstances, they may have the ability to handle some roofing elements but aren’t likely to be able to handle everything. As a result, roofing companies in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, are critical for keeping your home safe. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you need to say “no” to DIY roofing and hire somebody to do it for you.

You’re Going to Pay More Money

Most roofers who think that they’re going to save a lot of money by not hiring professional roofing companies quickly find out that they were unfortunately very mistaken. The truth is that DIY roofing almost always ends up costing you more money than if you’d just hired a professional. How is this fact possible? Let’s examine a few elements of the roofing process to give you an idea of why.

First of all, you have to buy all of the materials first to build your room. Unlike most roofers, though, you probably don’t have access to low-cost and high-quality materials, like most expert roofers. Even worse, you’re going to end up spending a lot more time on the roof than they would, costing you potential work hours and definitely cutting into your relaxation time after you’re done with work.

You’re Going to Make More Mistakes

The frustrating thing about DIY roofing is the fact that you are going to make way more mistakes than any roofing companies would make. That isn’t just a possibility – it is a certainty. We’re not trying to insult your skills as a builder because you’re probably good at many different construction elements. However, professionals just have a better understanding of the process and can do it more easily.

And these mistakes can be very diverse in the ways that they impact your roofing project. For example, you may end up with just a few simple errors that don’t end up causing many issues, such as a few missing nails on some shingles. However, you may also have a fundamentally terrible design for your roof that ends up needing to be repaired by roofing professionals anyway, further costing you money.

You’re Going to Get Hurt

When you’re working on a roofing project for your home, there’s a good chance that you’re going to get hurt in some way. For instance, you may end up hurting your knees by kneeling down on the roof for hours at a time. This type of injury is usually cumulative and may end up affecting you months or even years after you are initially working. Professional roofing companies take steps to minimize this risk.

Even worse, you may end up getting hurt by falling off of the roof or even THROUGH the roof if you step on delicate areas without the proper level of protection. Roofing experts create teams that work together to avoid this type of danger, using various types of harnesses and anchors to prevent the risk of falling. This step is critical for ensuring that your roof doesn’t get damaged or your body injured, either.

You’re Going to Need More Maintenance

Lastly, you’re probably going to end up needing more maintenance to fix your roof after you finish up a DIY roofing project. This situation is expected when you make mistakes and can cause your roof to be a dangerous place to work on and travel across without worrying about various types of maintenance-related issues. And even if you build your roof just fine, you’re still probably going to need more maintenance later.

Why? Your working methods, even if they are exceptionally skilled and focused in many ways, just won’t have the same kind of professional expertise possible with high-quality roofing experts. These professionals have large crews that are all trained to handle the unique demands of this building process. Even better, they can provide maintenance that is lower-cost than if they had to work on a roof that you had built instead.

We Can Help You Out

If you think that you need the best roofing companies Iowa City and Cedar Rapids have to offer to manage your roofing project, please contact us at Steve’s Roofing today to learn more. Our experts have years of experience in this field and will do whatever it takes to get your home as safe and secure as possible. Reach out to us now to learn more about any deals that we may be offering and to set up an inspection appointment with our professionals who can give you an idea of how much you need to spend.

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